Sunday, 3 May 2009

My MANy Bags News #71

Below: Party in true Burberry Style on 30 April 2009 at the Burberry Jinbao Store, Bejing. Hosted by Christopher Bailey and the ever beautiful Maggie Cheung. (From left: Christopher Bailey, Angela Ahrendts, Maggie Cheung and Ole Schreen)

Below: Christopher Bailey looking ever cute and charming posing with Burberry chief executive, Angela Ahrendts

Below: Maggie Cheung...beaming in her lovely the mini gold trench

Below: Zhang Jun Ning looking good in Burberry S/S 2009 menswear

Below: Superstar model Du Juan and Philip Huang grace the event

Below: Who is this cute guy?!?! Drools... Rock Ji and Zhang Wen

Below: Another chinese eye candy with his sexy hairdo...Zhao Lei

Below: The ladies do not pale out to the smart gus...fabulous Wang Xiao Meng

Below: Group shot

Below: Christopher Bailey and Song Ning. I want a shot like that with Bailey!

Below: Zhao Jun and Christopher Bailey

Below: The boutique at Jinbao, Beijing looks as good as its guests of the evening:-P

Celebrity Spotting At the Burberry Jinbao Store Party, Beijing

At last after my recent post about the party hosted by Christopher Bailey and Maggie Cheung, I got pics of the night's events! Seems no one is letting the Swine Flu saga deter them from dressing their best and party in Burberry style:-) Look at the gorgeous cast of Asian celebrities attending the event, clad in stylish Burberry. Some look absolutely drool worthy...and I usually do not get head over heels over Asian 'delights':-P

And Maggie Cheung simply look elegant and stunning in her black pants suit with a gold mini 'trench' jacket. Her taste in clothes and style is impeccable as does her choice in men. Look at her boyfriend, Ole Schreen. Simply eye candy. Of course, Christopher Bailey works his on-camera magic, looking cute and charming as usual. What I would not do to get a pic with him:-P If there's a chance of him coming over to Singapore...please please let me get invited!:-P

Meanwhile, enjoy the pics. The clothes are also stars of the evening. Brilliant work, Mr Bailey!


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