Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Material Boy #294

Below: Love that long drape tee...and the tank top with frayed edges...

Below: The zip sandals are definitely interesting...

Below: Julius accessories have that dark edge, the silver skull necklace and leather dog tag has my vote!

Julius Spring Summer 2009 Menswear And Accessories

Japanese label Julius portrayed a gothic, 'end of days' dark rendition of fashion. Melancholic and yet strong, the pieces of wrinkled leather, love tattered knits and tees, tall boots emulated an industrial type wardrobe worthy of some prince of the underworld. The looks almost seem it came out of the matrix trilogy. I am loving those interesting zip sandals, long draped tees and the industrial and dark styles of the bracelets and necklaces.

The collection may seem too dark for some guys. But dissect the looks carefully and you find very unique pieces that can be worn in a more subdued way. I am loving the collection in a strange way:-P

A small selection of Julius is available in Blackjack, Forum The Shopping Mall.

Here's some info about the brand as found online:

Julius is a Japanese fashion label run and designed by Tatsuro Horikawa. The label focuses on presenting a wide array of gothic inspired clothing, utilizing the color black extensively to explore its meaning in both Avant Garde, spiritual, and religious aspects of the designer’s life. Started as a primarily art related project, Julius has surpassed Horikawa's original label focus in Nuke, presenting in the Tokyo Collection annually since 2004 and growing to a cult status in both Japan and abroad.

Source: Julius


Allan said...

my Danish "friend" likes to wear clothes like these (in quotes because our relationship is blurry).

I dare you to wear that tank top, Kev. :-P

Kevin @ myMANybags said... is nice, the fray edges is really nice. But I probably wear a jacket over:-) hehe. Too slim to expose too much skin.

As for the friend thing...:-)hope it clears out soon:-) Feel's weekend!

Marc taylor said...

I love Julius, the pieces aren't so overwhelmingly dark by themselves and in person. They have this amazingly simple black long-sleeve shirt with little leather shoulder panels for fall, mmm must resist.