Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Material Boy #295

Burberry Prorsum Lightweight cashmere Crinkled Cardigan

I now know what it's like to have a piece of 'candy' dangling in front of you and you cannot have it:-(

I have been searching for this piece of Burberry Prorsum Lightweight Cashmere Crinkled Cardigan as I love the look from the runway and how it all styles up. The wrinkly effect and longer length in classic mid grey melange is a keeper. Matches Fashion stocks it...but it ran out of my size when the sale starts. And now I finally spotted it on sale on the Burberry Sale site (tip off from Joe) and in my size (Small!)....grrr....but it does not ship to Singapore!

I have been admiring the picture for many days already...somebody buy it and end my 'misery'!:-P I can almost feel the soft cashmere brushing off my comfy:-(

Retail price: Now UK 297 pounds (was UK 495 pounds). Where to buy:


alan said...

I heard that u may email to burberry to request for the item u wan.

then they will ship it to you but i think this will have a extra charges. for shipment ETC.

Anonymous said...

haven't you heard of ARAMEX service? they are a forwarding service. go to

teemu said...

They had only one piece of this cardigan in Burberry Paragon, it was in medium size. I went to try it couple of times, but didn't want to pay full price. When the sale started, the cardigan was gone.

I called to Burberry shop in Pavilion KL. They had medium size and they agreed to send the piece to the Paragon store. So I got the right size in 40% discount last week. Great service and amazing cardigan!!

If I remember right, they had small size in KL too...

Btw, Burberry online store ships to Singapore too. You'll have to email their mail order department.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

Vpost doesnt work? The prices there are so much better than sg stores...


Anonymous said...

send it back via vpost
you send it to vpost address in uk and vpost will ship it to sg.

Anonymous said...

have you considered vpost? if i am not wrong, there is a service to ship from Uk to singapore :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

If you read vpost's terms and conditions, they do not accepts orders for sale items:-P

So vpost is out. So sad...Sob sob. Oh well, there will be better ones to come!

thanks for all the suggestions!


StreetFash said...

I really love the cardigan. Maybe I should get one too. I'm gonna go look for one in Takashimaya Shinjuku (Japan). I'll let you know if i find one there. But I don't think its on sale yet though.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Please do update streetfash!

good luck hunting the cardigan down:-)