Thursday, 25 June 2009

My MANy Bags News #97

Below: D&G backstage pics...The D&G Runway...where all the hardwork climaxes to...

Below: Models dress down...always a pleasure to see them at their truest moments:-)

Below: Domenico Dolce fitting the model...what a shirt...can imagine the amount of patience to do such a handcrafted piece:-P

Below: Anxiously watching the runway from behind the stage:-)
Pat Mcgrath does the make up...she is one great make-up 'guru'!

Below: Close-up of graphics on tees...Americana? and my favourite 'denim print' shirt again...must buy!

Below: The pic below on this set is a must post...cute models in their undies:-P

Below: More models should do interviews 'topless'...:-)

Below: Another must post pic...:-) Please employ me to be a D&G dresser backstage!

Below: Racks and loads of boxes of D&G clothing/shoes...D&G fan's dreamland...

Below: I am jealous:-P...models do look as good on stage as does off stage...

D&G Spring Summer 2010 Menswear Backstage Pics!

I was sent these backstage pics by Dolce & Gabbana's Swide Blogazine:-) Thanks guys, never a better time since I am a huge fan of the Spring Summer 2010 menswear collection. So many pieces I am already planning to add to my closet!

Oooh...I love backstage pics. Cos, we can see what goes on behind all the high glamour on the catwalks...but most important of all, hunky models at the most relaxed and real situation:-)

Model dressing down can sometimes be as drool inducing as when they are on the runway:-)

Enjoy! D&G casts the most good looking models!

It will be a dream to snag a backstage pass at the D&G show and see those clothes and hunks in real...Is there a side effect to an overdose of hot muscles?:-P

Source: Swide


Allan said...

yes, there is, Kev: uncontrolled salivating.

orange and cigs. now that's healthy. lol

next season, you'll be the one taking backstage pics during fashion week. I'm sure of that. :-)

PaoloSavi said...

Dont we just love it?! kev we have to snag backstage passes somehow :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh yes, definitely hot to the max!

and paolo, if we ever get the backstage passes, that will simply be amazing!:-P

Let's wish our 'dream' will come true someday!


Jonathan said...

Does anyone know what make of desert boots the model in the second to last shot is wearing?