Monday, 8 June 2009

My MANy Life's Inspirations #08

Tokyo Store Tours...

One of the mecca of fashion and one of the most trend forward cities in the world, Tokyo offers a huge range of selection and inspirations for all things trendy, hip and innovative. We often look towards Japanese streets for trends of what's to come. Now gives us a glimpse of some of the most interesting shops in Japan.

From the top: United Arrows, N.Hoolywood, Number(N)ine

According to United Arrows, Balenciaga and Dior Homme is most popular with Japanese guys. And N.Hoolywood and Number(N)ine have a very strong, unique design theme that very much derived from America.

Drools...I wanna shop shop and expand my shopping conquest to Tokyo! Oops, I just heard my wallet screamed and fainted:-P



Anonymous said...

going? take me with you!!! i miss Tokyo.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

let's have a baked beans boys shopping tour for all members!:-P Joe and Alvin must join!