Monday, 8 June 2009

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #35 - Three Ways to Wear Patterns

A nice feature on on how to carry off patterns for guys this summer! Madras checks, Gingham and Seersucker are 3 of the most common patterns guys love. Enjoy the read...

1) Madras

Madras should never be worn head to toe. Pair shorts or shirts in the fabric with something basic.

And keep in mind that the most current patterns don't look like they've been doused in saffron and paprika. While the signature golden and red tones are still present, they're not immediately obvious, thanks to contrasting shots of navy, green, and white. Try a shirt with short sleeves to punch up dark jeans or one with full sleeves to dress up khaki shorts.

2) Gingham

An all-American alfresco print, gingham isn't just for state fairs anymore. In fact, by now you should own at least one shirt and tie in the staple pattern, which has the remarkable ability to make a man look cool and sensitive at the same time.

Designers have caught on to gingham's universal appeal and are now applying the graphic print to trim blazers and skinny ties. Avoid looking like an Oklahoma! understudy by opting for a jacket in dark checks rather than in blue and white. When it comes to neckwear, any color combo will do as long as it complements a solid button-down.

With gingham, subtlety isn't necessarily a virtue. The big check is a contemporary take on the conventional print. Don't be afraid to cash it.

3) Seersucker

The puckered surface of this specially woven cotton keeps the fabric from sticking to your skin. Breathable, lightweight, and masculine, seersucker washes well, maintains its shape, and requires zero ironing.

Opt for a slim-fitting suit in muted blue, ditch the tie, and add a rumpled white shirt.



marc taylor said...

ahhh, I have to thank you for posting. Not only is it a great post, but it's made even better by Ryan Taylor, mm mm mmmmmmm.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

you are most welcome Marc...I took it off since I find it helpful and interesting too:-P

Anonymous said...

i miss summer already. sigh...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I wish weather here in SG is slightly less hot and majorly less humid! Then I can do all the layering I want. Darn...sigh...that would probably signal 'end of the world' is coming if that ever happens in SG:-) Yikes. No more shopping. Hahaha.