Monday, 15 June 2009

My Shopping Conquest #74

Zara Madras Check Rolled Up Short Sleeve Shirt

Time to go 'Madras'! Last Saturday was not a planned day to shop. I just happened upon this Zara Madras Check Short Sleeve Shirt. The rolled up sleeve and the mid way placket design resembles so much of the D&G ones, but of course the price was just a fraction of it. The cut was slim and unlike a lot of shirt designs, it was long enough for me to tuck it properly:-) In summary, it was perfect for me!

I had a $30 Zara voucher from my 'loyalty' to Mobileone's (which sucked!) Sunperks reward there was no excuse for me not to get this shirt.

It reminded me of the pic featuring the 2 models about summer patterns on men. I would even try this with a pair of Khaki shorts, a bow tie and dark rim glasses for a preppy boy look:-P

Source: Model pic from

Retail price: SGD $59.90. Where to buy: Zara Boutique at Liat Towers


Ron said...

I saw that shirt at Zara when I was in Singapore late last month (when the sales first started!). I have quite a few checkered shirts in my wardrobe already, so opted not to get any, but now you've made me want! Lol. Btw, I love your sandals! I saw a pair similar to those, also in Zara, but they didn't have my size left.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey Ron:-)

Hope you get the shirt!:-) I love the cut and colour. Easy to pair with lots of things. I would also add fabric covered badges to the shirt to add interest:-)

The sandals are my usual favourite Mango sandals...been wearing so much of it..cos' it worked!

Anonymous said...

where are you sandals from?? really like them :)

Allan said...

work it! :-)

love your poses, dear.

Kurisuchin said...


What jeans are you wearing? Are they the Zara Super Skinny jeans? If so, I can't seem to find that medium wash here in San Francisco. Please let me know. Thank you!

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

Love, love, love ur sandal!!!!

richard said...

Echo... I love the sandals too! Where from? Spotted the same checked shirts in Uniqlo in HK too, with the same button up sleeves. Nice look.