Thursday, 18 June 2009

My Shopping Conquest #74

Below: A Burberry shopping bag came home with me today!
Nice packaging, love the ribbon:-)

Below: Another envelope to contain my purchase...

Below: Peek-a-boo...Out peeks the tissue wrapped new purchase:-P

Below: Yes, finally I got the my dream scarf...from Burberry Prorsum this season!

Below: So soft, smooth and light comfy, I dun want to take it off anymore

Below: Trying my hands at ways to knotting the scarf:-)

Below: The mega check pattern is subtle and yet elegant

Below: As seen on the 'eye candies' of the Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2009 runway

Burberry Prorsum Mega Check Jersey Skinny Scarf

From the first time I laid eyes on this Burberry Prorsum Mega Check Jersey Skinny Scarf on the runway, I told myself this will be one of the must-buys for Spring Summer 2009. However, when it finally came in stock at the Burberry stores, the price tag of SGD $795 was a shocker and I decided to wait for the 'end of season' sales to get it. It was definitely a very long wait. But my patience paid off in the end:-P The scarf was still available upon the markdowns at the Singapore Burberry boutique:-) I had a hunch the scarf will still be available since wearing scarves was not part of the dressing culture of Singaporean's simply too hot.

I can bear the wait as I was in no hurry to own the scarf. For me, I just want it for travel. The material was so light weight and comfortable, it will be perfect to keep the chills away in cooler weather overseas. Even my friend agreed about the comfort level of the scarf when he first touched it. The scarf is made of 100% modal with a slight sheen and a worn out treatment which I adored.

I intended to try my luck in getting the scarf during Matches Fashion's online sale today. I saw the scarf in stock on the site the day before. It was definitely cheaper buying it online since current Burberry Prorsum Singapore's discount still stands at 40% off. Upon browsing Matches Fashion today, sadly the scarf was gone so I decided to get it locally at the Burberry Paragon boutique before it sells out (Considering very limited pieces were brought in to the local store). The discount is still substantial at 40% off so I guess I did not lose out too much buying it at the store.

After work today, I hurried down to Burberry Paragon. I had a bit of a 'struggle' deciding which colour to get... a softer cool gray or a olive warm gray, since both were gorgeous. After much deliberation, I finally decided that the darker shade of warm grey best express Christopher Bailey's concept of worn-in looks for the season. The scarf in this colour also looked more 'distressed' and had more personality. It goes as well with dark coloured jackets as does light colours. The scarf is long and wide, when bunched up, keeps you warm while 'emulating a sauna':-P. I simply love the lightness and softness. This is one of the best scarf I had ever found, once around your neck, you simply do not want to take it off:-P

Source: Frillr, Burberry

Retail price: SGD $795. Where to buy: Burberry Prorsum Boutique at Paragon Shopping Mall.


Jonathan said...


Really enjoy your blog. Found it when searching for some info on the Burberry strap watch (whcih I then went and bought) but the read the rest of your blogs and found the cool, interesting, and showing great taste.

Was just wondering how you gpt that knot in the first photo of the scarf with the black t-shirt. It's a really cool and unique way of doing a scarf and would like to copy it! said...

Great choice. I think 40% off is good enough as well.

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

Love the packaging, the scarf, and the story.

freshmess said...

Amazing! And the knot we learned from one of your clips looks good on this scarf! I love it! Really comfy and handy for your travels abroad, especially inside planes when it could get a bit chilly. Congrats!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Sean, Eclair Au Chocolat, Mark and Jonathan! Yes, the scarf does come in handy for the cooler temperatures.

And Mark, you rememebered the knot! Hehehe. Such a good tip to tie a scarf. I just had to try it.

And Jonathan, I did a post with a video clip on how to tie the scarf in that way...check out:

Allan said...

lucky you! :-)