Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Material Boy #306

Below: The bag as seen on the runway show of Lad Musician Fall Winter 2009...
the clothes are as amazing as the design of the bag:-)

Lad Musician Canvas Holdalls

Remember the chambray fabric flower brooch I recently got from Lad Musician? The wonderful online retailer, Blackbird was the first to bring this very interesting and exclusive Japanese brand to my attention. As they are sold in only a handful of places outside of Japan, finding the brand online (I am only aware of Blackbird stocking this brand) poses a real challenge. But good news, it seems Lad Musician has set up an online shop for their collection and now you can get selected pieces straight from the brand's website. However, the bad news is I cannot decipher the terms and conditions of the online shop as they are in Japanese. So I cannot advise on whether if they do international orders. Nonetheless, at least now you can get a good glimpse of their pieces up close and personal. Start admiring the creative designs behind the designers there. (For fall 2009 season, the collection was based on the theme of 'Black Painting'. The collection showcases alomst 5 different kinds of black. The distinct design feature is the severe diagonal cuts for their ready-to-wear. Very interesting, I am desperate to get my hands on the blazer and vest.)

One of the pieces that got my attention is this Lad Musician Canvas Holdall. I like its' simplicity. It's so simple that you really have to rely on an interesting design to create lust for the bag. But Lad Musician has achieved that... the bag has a very unique and interesting 'curve' on the duffel style design. Made entirely of canvas in 3 different colours, the quiet allure of the bag is not in overwhelming luxurious materials or brand recognition, but the innovative idea. The way it slings onto a person's back simply looks fabulous. The plus point of buying a cult label like the chances of someone sporting the same thing is very minimal. A thought which I really like:-P

Let's hope the brand will make it's availability more accessible to fashion fans outside of Japan soon.

Retail price: ¥ 25,200, Where to buy: Lad Musician

Source: Lad Musician via Selectism


LiveLifeLuxe said...

Some of their clothing items are available at TANG+Co Men at TANGS. Along with John Lawrence Sullivan, which you may like too.

Oh, Soe is stocked there this season as well.

Anonymous said...

err...I saw something similar at CK Calvin Klein today....

Not so nice thou....