Thursday, 23 July 2009

My Shopping Conquest #81

Below: FedEx is here, all the way from Hawaii!

Below: It's from Aloha Rag!

Below: and from Ann Demeulemeester!

Below: None other than the gorgeous Rosette Broche!

Below: In black with white stripe details on the ribbon...
attached are a bunch of interesting small bells!

Below: As seen on the runway for Fall Winter the styling of this look!

Below: Ready to be pinned on my blazer...with my new John Lawrence Sullivan
White's soft and interesting typographical print on the front!

Below: Now you can buy the up and coming Japanese label, John Lawrence Sullivan's
pieces from TANG+CO

Ann Demeulemeester Rosette Broche In Black

I am now a fan of Ms Ann Demeulemeester! I used to not appreciate her design aesthetics and even found them impractical, weird and overpriced. But as fashion could change as fast as a snap of a finger, my taste evolved over the last few months and I start to adore Ann Demeulemeester's pieces more and more! Perhaps the limited distribution all over the world and especially in Singapore, makes owning something from the brand a novelty. Don't we all like exclusivity?:-P

After the quirky Hand Beaded Beetle Brooches I purchased recently from On Pedder, Singapore:-P)...I fell in love with her new Fall Winter 2009 Rosette Broche in Black Stripe Ribbon. I featured it in one of my lookbook post and that is when I see the potential of this accessory adding a elegant touch of an Edwardian gentlemen to my blazers:-)(See the runway pic!)

I first spotted in on, but it sold out fast before I was able to get around buying. I had hesitated because of the high shipping charges from the website. But thankfully, I found out another online retailer, Aloha Rag stocks the rosette as well, at an even cheaper price and most importantly lower shipping cost.

I cannot 'afford' to miss it a second without anymore delays, I ordered it right away. Despite delays from security checks and travelling long distances all the way from Honolulu, it finally arrived at my doorstep this afternoon. (Delivery date was supposed to be 27 Jul 09!).

I was full of excitement and anticipation:-) Fortunately,the rosette did not disappoint. It's beautifully crafted and the bunch of small bells are especially cute and unique:-) Highly recommended.

One item down from my Winter Knight Lookbook...6 more to go!:-P

Retail price: US $90. Where to buy: Aloha Rag


Anonymous said...


Couture Prince said...

Love it! I have one too!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Mr Duck, go order it before it sold out on aloha rag!:-) Shipping is US$25:-) much cheaper than luisaviaroma's Euro 50!

And Couture Prince:-) Dun you just love the brooch...wearing it feels like you get 'decorate' with a medal of recognition for something:-P

Rolls said...

Hey Kevin! How much did you pay for in total (SGD), with shipping and everything?


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Rolls,

Shipping is $25 do the math.


popis said...

The John Lawrence Sullivan's shirt is awesome, you have very good taste!