Sunday, 16 August 2009

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #46

Below: Blazers are essential for all fashionable man... Kev said!:-P
Love this tweed one where the guy spice it up with a pocket chain, fab!

Below: Interesting pattern and texture on the blazer, LOVE:-P

Below: Pocket square adds some dandy flair. Such casual elegance
with his rolled up pants and canvas slip-ons.

Below: Short short denim shorts with the blazer makes you look smart sexy...

Below: Mr 'Plaid' here is definitely getting some well-deserved
attention with his cool red plaid blazer...

Below: Tweed and camo shorts makes for a rustic, rugged combination. Interesting...

Below: Unstructured blazers gives off that 'chic-to-the-max' nonchalant look...

Below: Even the ladies adopt the blazer style, like this girl with her Balenciaga version:-P
Boyish charm is in now!

Below: Lastly, since Joe (00o00) was the one who introduced me to the wonderful site with all these inspiring pictures, this is for you Joe! Your favourite Prada checks shirt! Nice:-P

Blazers...The Long And Short Of It...

I love blazers. If I were to name a quintessential piece of wardrobe that every man should have, then this will be it. Blazers are a versatile garment that you can wear with endless amounts of looks. It helps that they also come in a seemingly countless variants of material, cuts and styles that will suit every shape and size. I am not the full suit kinda guy, so blazers are perfect for me to break the more formal look and allow me to match up my jeans and pants. The often padded shoulders gives you build and bulk, which also hides flaws for a slim person like me:-)

Thanks to Joe of OO0OO, I found another wonderful blog that documents real people and real fashion, which gives the Sartorialist a run for its money:-) Do check it out!

I have selected some of the interesting blazer looks from the blog. What can I say, it's simply inspiring. Wear with pants, jeans, shorts and choose from structured, soft shoulders, long, short, patterned or plain, Blazers simply look smart and stylish.

I simply adore the Blazer! Now who's with me?!?:-P



freshmess said...

I'm on a hunt for that eternally stylish navy blazer with the perfect cut. Still haven't found it! Suggestions?

Benjamin said...

I didn't know that site. Thanks! :)

Rene Schaller said...

all of these looks are great. I like your post, it's like chocolat on that sunday evening!

alan said...

the 1st 1 is killer!!

the tweed blazer from which fashion house?


Jeron said...

Me too...still looking out for a nice fitting blazer for ladies. I do not want those that look so OL....i want a more funky & cool look instead.

Any suggestions? I do like those biker jackets...affordable is another important factor.

Vicky said...

I wanna know the mark of the blazer from the man "Tweed and camo shorts makes for a rustic, rugged combination".

He's so cute in the pic!!