Saturday, 12 September 2009

My MANy Bags News #128

Below: LG partners young and hip fashion label, Twenty8Twelve for the upcoming London Fashion Week! First project up their creative sleeves...a designer leather case for the NEW LG Chocolate Phone:-P

Below: A fabulous designer case for an even more fabulous phone packed with amazing
state-of-the-art features!

Below: Twenty8Twelve is a fashion brand created by the Miller sisters...Sienna and Savannah:-P

Below: Check out the clip where the sisters speak their minds about the cool new LG Chocolate phone...

Below: Twenty8Twelve's Fall Winter 2009 collection...sassy chic, perfect for the city girl!

Below: Grunge look with the 'ripped' tee and skinny jeans...we love 'bad' girls!

Below: Kinda Alexander Wang...a juxtaposition of the tough and feminine. Sheer dress and biker jackets. Fabulous!

Below: 80's rage now...high-waisted jeans is as good as an instant tummy tuck!

Below: Charm the boys with this sexy ''Balmain-inspired' sequined dress, anyone?

LG's New Chocolate Makes Runway Debut with Twenty8Twelve at London Fashion Week

Remember the slim and sexy LG New Chocolate phone I blogged about a few weeks back? Well, staying true to their design philosophy of being at the forefront of trend and fashion, LG has partnered a young and hip fashion label Twenty8Twelve to create a special designer leather case just for the sexy phone:-P

And you might wonder who Twenty8Twelve is? No clue? Then you do know Sienna Miller eh? 'Baroness' in G.I.Joe?:-P Ahah...yes, the one and only sassy Sienna Miller...the style leader every British tabloid reader has followed since she reinvented boho. I love her style!

Twenty8Twelve is created by Sienna and her sister Savannah Miller:-) How cool of sisters to start a fashion label, must be crazy and fun to design clothes with your siblings! Twenty8Twelve believes in making fashion relevant and affordable for girls, hence their price points never exceed £500. Backed by a spanish financial corporate backer who owns Pepe Jeans, the girls are definitely on the right track to fashion stardom. Their runway debut was Fall Winter 2009 season (Think Balmain, Alexander Wang inspired pieces..nonetheless things real girls will wear! The leather jackets are strong pieces!) and for the upcoming London Fashion Week, they will show on 21 Sep. That is when LG's new Chocolate phone will make a 'fashionable' appearance:-) It is clever of LG to tap into new talent and stay ahead of the 'trend' wagon.

So be sure to look out for the New LG Chocolate phone, the only handset to offer a widescreen display for extreme multimedia performance! It's coming very soon:-P Me want!

Source: LG, Twenty8Twelve, Style

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