Friday, 20 November 2009

My MANy Bags News #156

Below: Mulberry Melanie Computer Case... love the purple patent leather...

Below: Mulberry Melanie Zip Folio...great for documents and works as a laptop case or clutch:-)

Below: Mulberry Melanie Pencil Case for the perfect match to the bags:-P

Mulberry Melanie Range Of Bags

Computer and gadgets are part and parcel of our daily lives. Work documents are an indispensable part of bag contents to carry around. Hence, Mulberry launched a new family of Mulberry bags just for 'working girls' on the move. Working hard now means you do not have to sacrifice style along the way:-)

The new Melanie family features functional bags and accessories with upbeat designs made from glossy patent leather, in colours of purple to blacks or even bright pink. A cheery collection of computer cases, zip folios, notebooks and pencil case, you can be assured there will never be any 'dull' moments at work:-).

I like the the purple zip folio. Perfect as a clutch/document holder so guys can partake in a bit of colour for their office gear!

Melanie range of bags and accessories is now available for purchase at


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