Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #67

Lanvin Spring Summer 2010 Mens Shoes

Lanvin shoes are now something I look forward to each new season. Their luxurious trainers are highly coveted season after season. Not only do they tread well in both casual and formal environments, their often use of interesting materials makes them a popular choice among shoe fans. Perhaps the reason why these shoes fetch high prices and are refreshed each new season with different materials and details. Lanvin trainers is now a classic!

This Spring Summer 2010, we see more patterns being incorporated into the material. A street vibe with a more youthful influence. Colours are also a brighter change from fall winter hues with the use of oranges, greens to plums and navy blues. I am particularly liking the ruched velvet stripe detail on the back of the high tops... a subtle and simple addition that refreshes the classic design and make it new once again.

Source: Selectism


:el fano: said...

OMG!! kevin.. there are [SOOOOO] many to choose from!! WOW!! [god I would want them all!] HA!! =) thank you so much for posting!! xo xo :el fano:

Allan said...

I like the one with green soles but I think I'll pass and get the black spiked Louis from CL. :-)

those are hot.

House of Puco said...

they are gorgeous, it's hard to decide which one to get! Gotta get them all!