Monday, 28 December 2009

Bangkok Shopping: Day 1

Below: Bangkok shopping loot of the day... against my hotel room with pink pattern walls:-( no wonder I need retail therapy... (Fortunately changing hotels tommorrow:-P)

Below: Newly discovered favourite thai designer, 27 Friday at Siam Center... I am a fan of the store decor... modern wooden shack concept with ropes as hanger rails???! Love the idea, it's as quirky as the clothes on display. Unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere...

Below: There is a shirt with multi-coloured hair pins hanging there which I am seriously thinking to buy tommorrow... raw wooden planks as flooring and the designers' sketches on the wall.

Below: Shop front... notice the lack of branding, which only appears discreetly in one corner:-) Many cute blazers with limited run... so you will not find others wearing something the same as you:-P (Click to enlarge pic)

Bangkok Shopping Day #1

From the moment I woke up today, I was jubilant about the prospect of shopping in Bangkok. Especially having recommended a few good places to look out for this trip, I was having even more confidence in finding some gems today. Of course, I first started with the big brand names, which was all having further markdowns now, so from Siam Paragon's Club 21 Accessories Store, Paul Smith, Bottega Veneta, Mulberry, Balenciaga to all Club 21 owned stores at Erawan Centre all became part of today's itinerary. But big brand names disappoint me this time, I cannot seem to find anything interesting left to buy. All the goodies would have probably been gone. And I just cannot understand why multi-label store Club 21 are still selling past season items at only 50% off. These should have been bazaar prices by now as they were at least 2-3 seasons back. Yikes. I did see a nice Comme Des Garcons belt (with quirky circular circle shape cutout of the rim) that I like, but I question if that is my style, and the answer is not really. So I decided to ponder over the purchase.

But I still managed to sift out some gems along the way... in the manner of Balenciaga:-) Hurray!

The highlight of today's shopping adventure lies not in the big brand names, but in Siam Center which houses lots of local Thai designer brand names. These young, avant garde new blood of Thai fashion are definitely worth spending your time browsing thru their very individual and statement making store decor and creations. From veteran Thai brands like Greyhound to younger names, like ANR, Flynow, Senada will fill your time to a good fashion treat:-) New labels have also set up stores in Siam Center and most notable is this quaint little boutique called 27 Friday which I absolutely adore. Some thai designers can be over the top and fabrication still needs some polishing up, but this '27 Friday' designer's creations are different and exceptionally appealing to my taste! All I can say is this designer is like Comme Des Garcons in Thai, but with better sizing for asians! Lots of quirky pieces that infuses little embellishments unseen of other labels. There is a white shirt with multi coloured hairpins sewn all over that caught my attention (I may get it tommorrow:-P). I simply love many pieces in the shop. The shop decor is also visually engaging using ropes as hangers which form an interesting display format for the merchandise. So with so much things that I like about the store, it is only natural that I did my retail contribution to the shop. I came back with a very unique piece (the shop staff told me only a handful were made and I got the last piece) which will be revealed tomorrow:-P

Other than that, I went to Greyhound and got myself a brilliant piece from their sales too.

What a day of shopping adventure... Reveals tommorrow! Now I need a drink and good food to round off the day:-)



Anonymous said...

What i know is club 21 thailand usually helds club21 bazaar sale ,that all merchandises from past season would be sale 70% up to 90%, around jan or feb at siam paragon. By the way, kevin do you buy thai designers merch everytime u been bkk. P.S. a couple weeks ago, i heard Zara SA. talk to customer that sale begin on 30, but confirm. Pun

hihihi said...

Anonymous, u r right about Zara sales on 30, nowaday most of my T, Shirt is covered by Thai Designer bcoz I think they can suit with Thai's climate and style...and absolutely worth to buy...
Bazaar sale of Club21 is an event that I usuallly got just few things cuz I always buy earlier before they have a further sale..
Kev, today where do u go?

Fatah said...

Kevin, i just returned from BKK few weeks a go, and went to the same store...
I got gladiator/cutout sandal from 27Nov(another quirky store infront of 27friday and few pieces from Greyhound, i was also thinking about getting some shirt and cardigan from 27friday, but none of my size available(the drawback of not being a slim/skinny asian, tsk tsk)

SE@N said...

you are right. Club21 here carries lots of stuffs from previous seasons like it was an outlet store, but not the outlet price. At least you got some Balenciaga. 27 Friday is a cool store to, but their clothes are pretty hard to wear on the regular basis.

FOXY LADY said...

"27" Have Three Stores in Bangkok. 27 Friday and 27 Nov. on The Same Third Floor. And The New One is "No. 27" in The "Mob.F" on the Fourth Floor Siam Center.

Anonymous said...

I just bumped into your blog and love it. You shop the brands I shop,like club 21, greyhound, undercover, neil barrett. You choose to stay at the hotel i like, tenface. You eat at where I eat, greyhound cafe, you like lobster bisque, i also adict to their lobster bisque and chicken wings.
Will keep coming back to keep up with things you like.
Dan Bangkok

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Dan,

oh cool, next time I am in BKK, we should catch up!:-P

Yes, I love Greyhound Cafe's lobster bisque and the diced lamb with clear soup, or the river prawn spagehetti. Yum....

Hopefully, the situation in BKK gets eased up and rally and violence ended. So I can hop on a plane and get there again!