Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Material Boy #349

Below: Is that Emmanuelle Alt, Fashion Director of French Vogue? Whoever she is...who cares...it's her TDF Hermès belt with Sydney Buckle that I am eyeing... I need! Goes well with black leather strap for a luxurious rock chic style...

Below: Hermès Sydney Buckle in gold or silver... must have! It's much more different than the now very common H buckles...

Hermès 24mm Reversible Belt With Gold/Palladium Plated Sydney Buckle

Another Hermès wishlist for x'mas.... Rivale bracelet style of hardware design with square studs and a dangling metal ring, this Sydney buckle is a cross between rock chic and luxurious elegance. That Hermès belt is 'waist' candy!

Need need need! Collier De Chien... Sydney Buckle Belt... Santa make my wish come true!

Source: Hermès

Price: £415. Where to buy:


Strutt said...

i love it!

Jole said...

very gorg belt but i personally find it too expensive! :)

hmm.. on the topic of belts, i'm looking to buy a work belt for a guy for christmas and i knew you'd be the best person to ask advice from! what would you get with a budget of 500 - 700? ;)

also, will you be doing a christmas shopping guide with diff price range categories?


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi jole,

your budget of 500-700 is a great one to work with. Personally, for good quality work belts other Hermes, go to Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Zegna, Dunhill, Loewe or Bottega Veneta. Their designs are usually more elegant and no frills which fits great for a gentlemen's working attire.

That is a good idea! Thanks!:-P

Jole said...

thanks! :) i've never thought of loewe or bottega in the belt category, but will check them out after work!

also looking forward to a christmas guide to solve all our woes on gift ideas :)

freshmess said...

I want an Hermes belt for Christmas. Or my birthday!

Gian said...

she is Melanie Huynh, assistant stylist at French Vogue. She's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

hm, that's not Emanuelle Alt, that's Melanie Huynh, assistant stylist @ French Vogue.
But i guess this blog is about bags... not about the dream team... so.. :)