Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Material Boy #351

Below: Catch a bus in London, anyone?

Below: Love letters from UK?

Below: Ring ring...

Mulberry Spring Summer 2010 Cufflinks

I am not a suit up person. My job does not require me to wear anything that needs ironing. It's the envy of a lot of my friends, but sometimes I feel we could do better in the dressing department in my office. Some guys are just slobs! Yuck!

However, although I do not wear shirts most of the time, I enjoy all the little accessories a man can use to enhance his allure:-) Little things like cufflinks add a lot charm when picked the right one.

And Mulberry's Spring Summer 2010 cufflinks is love! It's so cute for fans of the city of London! I miss the city already:-P Paired up sets of London Street Sign and Bus, Mail and Mailbox, Telephone booth and Wall Plaque(?), all spotting signature London red! Very charming as gifts for friends or even on a day where you want to ease up the corporate mood.

Which is your favourite? I love the Bus and Street Sign!

Source: Mulberry

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Froso said...

lovely cufflings! the perfect present for a stylish boyfriend!