Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Material Boy #353

Below: Balmain Homme Canvas Military Biker Jeans (€662.50 - Pricing for Singapore). I like this one most!

Below: Balmain Homme Dirty Wash Denim Slim Zip Jeans (€574.17 - Pricing for Singapore).

Below: Balmain Homme Multi Zip Biker Jeans (€662.50 - Pricing for Singapore). As seen on the lookbook!

Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2010 Jeans

For those guys who miss out on those TDF Balmain jeans for men during Fall Winter 2009 season, here's your chance to snag yourself a pair and rival that of your girlfriend's. Spring Summer 2010 sees some new styles (not exactly revolutionary), that should keep the Balmainia going. I am surprised the pricing has dropped for the jeans with some going as low as €485. Which is now more accessible to guys all over (it's a double edge sword, we love Balmain cos' it's so ridiculously out of reach. But with lower pricing, the novelty of getting a 'hard to attain' Balmain jeans starts to diminish...Will you still want it when everyone else is wearing one?) What better time to pre-order these before your size runs out!?!? (the highly sought after size 29 is still around!)

Here's 3 of the lower priced style which will tickle some of your fancies!

Buy or no buy?

Source: Luisaviaroma


Harun Hilton said...

I hate how they're so ridiculously over-priced. I mean I love Balmain, but some of their pieces simply don't deserve the 700 euro price tag.

shocolaat said...

Since I purchased the Black Biker one from the past season, I'm now addicted.

The distressed one from this season will be mine & waiting for more shirt especially the Khaki one with the same design of the light blue on Luisaviaroma.

The director of BALMAIN Store Paris is now like my friend, lol, I will purchase them at the store.

Thanks for the update.

uclaboi said...

Kevin, I'm liking the military canvas jeans. Do you know how the Balmain jeans fit? I usually wear sz 30, what size should I order? TIA

shocolaat said...

It fits ONE size bigger !!!!

Kay said...

Kevin I am wondering in the last to pictures the balmain jeans with the multi zip do they come in blue and what season where they from because I cannot find them on the balmain website??

Nat said...

Kevin, I was wondering the Balmain Jeans with the multi zippers in the last two they come in blue? I couldnt find that design on the balmain website..what season is it from?