Friday, 25 December 2009

The Material Boy #356

Below: New styles for Spring Summer 2010...Balenciaga Velo Studded Bag. Handy and chic shoulder or hand carry style! Love it!

Below: The Sunday Large Tote looks big enough for guys and gorgeous enough for ladies!

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2010 'Sunday' And 'Velo' Bag

I have been keenly awaiting for Balenciaga to add new styles to their classic motorcycle range. New men's designs from Fall Winter 2009 already looks promising, but somehow the women's range always look more edgy and interesting. And some Balenciaga pieces have that neutral touch that allows for men to carry the women's pieces. My wish came true this X'mas.

Look what I uncovered... Exciting new designs with the regular studs, but in a hand carry/shoulder strap messenger style or tote style. Both also looked just right in size for guys...but will need to confirm before making a 'commitment':-P

I love the Velo bag which has a smart day and night look that allows for shoulder sling. Will be ideal for those hands free days out and about. As for the Sunday Tote Bag, the big tote style is a refreshing change to the weekender bags which most suited guys. So now there's a new option this coming new season! BTW, I was surprised Balenciaga bags (Weekender) was listed as a short lived trend in NY Mag (Click here to read). Balenciaga bags are some of the most time-tested and trend resistant designs. For me, they are always current and on trend, all thanks to Nicolas consistently keeping the brand as an important fashion trend leader season after season. Those guys at NY mag probably do not know what they are blabbering. (Agree or no?)

Love the anthracite colour as well.

X'mas and new year shopping wishlist has commenced:-)

Source: Matches Fashion

Retail price:
1) Velo Studded Bag - £945 (£821.74 excl. VAT)

2) Sunday Tote Bag – £945 (£821.74 excl. VAT)

Where to buy:
Matches Fashion


hihihi said...

Luv it!!

Velo Bag will b my next B Bags...

BTW Kev, what do u think about bridgebag from B also??

Anonymous said...

I think these bags are great. However I live in NY and unfortunately they were a short lived trend. It seems that no one here carries them, or is even interested in Balenciaga bags anymore. I remember a few years ago you could not walk around the corner without seeing one, or at least a knock off.

SE@N said...

I never trust NYmag on fashion anyway. It said Balenciaga along with Louboutin, Birkin, CHANEL, Goyard, skinny jeans and size zero are the short live trends. First, the Bbag in the pic is a knock off. And then, if you combine the rest of the list above, you'd get Victoria Beckham...and I think she's still in.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Indeed, they do not really know what they are talking about. Just like a local mens magazine here mention the end of the skinny boyish models and in comes the buff ones like David Gandy. Blah... skinny will never be out. We shall wait and see.

I tried the Velo bag at the local boutique here. It's actually kinda small for a guy my height. So I will give it a pass. The sunday tote has a covered hardware version which is more feminine. I will go for the regular hardware becos the tassles makes it so much more nonchalant:-P

Anonymous said...


Have u check out the Woman style of Square Tote, it comes with the strap as well. And the size pretty nice for a guy.