Friday, 4 December 2009

My MANy Bags News #162

Longchamp Holiday 2009 Le Pliage Bag

It's the season of giving and many brands are leveraging on this lucrative retail time to get into the consumer's wallets. As does every year, luxury brands offers limited edition gift pieces to entice the savvy shopper. For this X'mas, Longchamp has come up with an ultra cute Le Pliage bag inspired by the Scottish Kilt:-) that is going to get you surrendering your Visa cards. Just check out how quaint and adorable the bag is:-P

Fringe edging on red or white tartan fabrics are wrapped (or worn??!) around the bag, with a leather strap buckle on the side to emulate how you would have worn a real kilt. So cool eh? And to keep the front flap from doing a 'peekaboo', a cute safety pin to hold everything together?:-P Nah, it's more for decorative purposes than modesty reasons. There is also a cute little leather tassle zipper charm to add to the fun. Dimensions of the bag are W21xH21xD14cm. Perfect size for any ladies:-)

Very apt for winter X'mas house visits, with a bit of Scottish tradition to spice up the holidays. Wonder if these cute babies will make it to Singapore stores... Retails for approx. SGD 625.

Source: Longchamp


Allan said...

these look kinda funny. :-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It's so cute...the bag wearing a kilt. Hahaha.