Friday, 4 December 2009

My Shopping Conquests #96

Below: Prada is hot on my shopping radar lately... more Prada loot!

Below: Exquisite Prada the texture and the foil stamp logo:-P

Below: Time to unwrap!

Below: My new stunning turquoise coloured bi-fold Ostrich leather turquoise wallet... first exotic from Prada!

Below: Love the colour and the graining of the leather. Despite the 'goosebumps' texture, Prada makes the leather so soft... it's divine to touch and hold:-)

Below: 5 card slots with one slot under the coin pouch... I like wallets with coin compartments, more convenient:-)

Below: 'Goosebumps' up close and personal:-P

Below: 'Birthplace' of the wallet...made in gorgeous Italy:-P

Below: Prada logo stamped on the inside... subtle luxury:-)

Below: Although the wallet is without any branding on the front, it's the small details that counts.The brass gold snap buttons has Prada branding inscribed all around:-P

Below: One last look with the authenticity certificate. It's a genuine Prada luxury...:-P

Prada Bi-fold Wallet In Struzzo Turchese

Exotics need no branding. It's luxury at its purest form. And shopping exotics brings a new level of shopping. If you can afford an entire bag for now, then the next best thing to settle are the small leather goods which are equally rewarding to call it your own.

That is exactly what I did 2 Saturdays ago shopping with Mervyn at Prada Ion Orchard. Mervyn was first to discover this lovely Ostrich (Struzzo) Bi-fold Wallet in an astounding turquoise colour (Turchese). Ostrich skin is usually stiff but Prada makes them so soft that it feels divine to touch. Coupled with an amazing vibrant turquoise colour (there are white and red coloured versions, but not as nice) , this bi-fold wallet from the cruise 2010 collection becomes a must have. With 4 card slots and a coin pouch, the wallet is also practical while visually striking as a daily companion to keep my shopping arsenals (Visa cards and $$$!).

Ultimately, what surprise me most is the good pricing. We are talking about Prada here and I cannot believe it was not as expensive as I anticipated. Being the last piece of the colour in the store (or for that matter in Singapore since Paragon store do not stock this exotics range), I made a 'dash' for it and am now the proud owner of my first Prada exotics.:-P

Congrats to me! Here's wishing me more shopping money come my way in the new year!:-P

Retail price: SGD $730. Where to buy: Prada Boutique at Ion Orchard


sputnik sweetheart said...

congrats on the new wallet! it's subtle gorgeous! love the size and practicality :) the price is great too! was checking out the prada cufflinks (small, sterling silver *ack*, plain) and they were already 600 bucks!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I agree:-) The size is good, not too big, and not too small. Notice the card slots are not as tight, still room on the sides which makes it easier to get the cards out. I also love the bright turquoise colour which is not so common. The pricing is surprisingly good! said...

Fabulous color! Congrats.

Alan said...

eyeing on the pouch with skull motif too...

hopefully it is still there when i visit there again..


M said...

That's really candy for the eye. Beautiful color!!

freshmess said...

Congrats Kev! It. Is. Gorgeous. The color is just divine!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks guys! There are lots of jewel tone colours for this ostrich range. Some colours are also very nice. D check them out!

Allan said...

very cute!

ego said...

awesome!!! u've made me jealous,kev :)