Thursday, 10 December 2009

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #70

Below: Looser styles vs...

Below: a more streamlined silhouette...

Slim vs Loose

This debate has been going on for the longest time... Is the slim 'Hedi Slimane' guy a thing of the past or skinny is still in?

So musings for this morning... dress slimmer? Or dress with a more relaxed fit?

I am taking a neutral stand. I love both, as long as your body shape can support the silhouette you choose. But also as important, what you want to achieve and how comfortable you are in what you wear:-)

Is that guy on the 2nd pic wearing a Dior Homme 'Balloon-y' Crop Jacket from SS2008? Me love... am I having a 'Dior Homme' fever? I was eyeing a Dior Homme jacket the other day..

Source: Wayne Tippett, The Sartorialist


Anonymous said...

Actually, the man in the second picture is wearing YSL with an Alexander McQueen scarf. I love YSL, it's one of my favourite designers which is how i know. :)



Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you Rances, yeah, it is YSL! Looks great!

Nico said...

I was really happy when the whole slim silhouette became cool because I'm pretty much like a stick. Personally, I prefer the streamlined silhouettes than the loose ones mainly because it suits my body better. The looser styles are generally for men with the typified buxom body. As for men that have been bestowed with an adolescent boy's body, it's a whole different story: traditional cuts run them the risk of looking like they're swimming in the clothes.

W said...

I agree. It's about which style fits you better. Both slim and billowy cuts have their virtues. It doesn't matter if the skinny thing is a thing of the past. If it makes you look good, why not?