Saturday, 23 January 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #83

Hssssss... Alexander Mcqueen Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

Alexander Mcqueen does some of the most memorable ad campaigns. His Spring Summer 2010 collection leaves us contemplating the hauntingly beautiful prints and those armadillo heels (which a few top models, such as Natasha Poly gave it a pass to be part of the show due to the 'dangers' of walking in them). This officially ranks on the top of the most eye catching ad for Spring Summer 2010. A hair raising imagery to behold, like a scene in TV's fear factor... all those slithering snakes over the lovely model. It may send chills for those with Ophidiophobia, but Nick Knight photographed it so artistically, I am in full admiration.

I applaud Raquel Zimmermann for braving this out. It's 'tough' to be a model, really... I will not dare in any circumstance want a big python slithering over me...

(I did inspect the photo...the snakes did look authentic as part of the pic. At least some must be real! The way the snake twirls and curls is almost impossible to add in post and look convincing. But if the snakes are indeed added in digitally, then I applaud the retoucher for the excellent work! He should win an award:-P)

Source: Nicola Formichetti


Anonymous said...

this pic is absolutely amazing!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I's so hair raising beautiful!