Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Material Boy #365

Below: This will be the Valentine's Day gift I most like to receive:-) Who else but Hermès could inject a sense of humour and some french romance to a Valentine's day gift...

Hermès 'I miss You' Valentine's Day Tie

If there is one gift for Valentine's Day that will truly bring a smile and touched my heart, this will be it. Combining whimsical humour with a flair of french romance, no one but Hermès could have pulled this Valentine's Day gift idea off. Presenting to all the lovely boyfriends for the special day, the Hermès 'I Miss You' Tie:-)

At first glance, the tie seems to be made up of simple repeated white block pattern. But if you examine closely, these little 'white blocks' are actually 'cross-out' of lines as if you were counting down the days to see your beloved. And the best surprise, hidden at the end of the tie is this little red heart that is symbolic of the patience, anticipation of waiting for the day and love eventually prevails:-) How sweet. The romance of someone missing you, added with a bit of humour, is sure to bring a smile and set your beloved's heart flutter.

Awww... Valentine's day. The day to express your love. Although it's often said that it's the thought that counts, a little Hermès just makes that thought extra special:-)

Price is approx. SGD $350.

Source: Hermès

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Allan said...

Aww, how nice!

You should also see the "attrapé moí" keychain. the horse guy chasing a flying heart with a butterfly catcher.

Thanks for your comment on my blog post. I appreciate it.