Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Material Boy #379

Below: Another YSL leather folio to drool over?!?! Oh my...

Below: Remember this version I previously blogged about? It's called the YSL Sac Muse, thanks to a reader who sent me pics of his newly acquired bag! He even sent over a pic of the product tag with useful serial numbers for anyone looking for the bag. Thank you Pornthep!

Another YSL Mens Leather Folio To Lust For!

Just when I am still lusting over the YSL Leather Folio I blogged about here (it's called YSL Sac Muse! Thanks to my blog's reader Pornthep:-), I spotted another version from the brand which is equally appealing!

Instead of the Y panel signature of the Muse range, this new version spots a converging leather stripes that forms a Y branding. In the street style pic, the guy seems to be carrying a folio size version without the leather hand strap. However, I found a pic of the pochette size version with the hand strap. I much prefer the folio size and I want!

YSL will open in Marina Sands soon with classic menswear range to be stocked, while the runway collection is going to hit Club 21 Men's shelves next season:-) I am excited.

Lastly, Pornthep not only enlighten us about the name of the previous folio design, but he has snap a pic of his latest YSL shopping conquest thru the help of his friend in Paris (dun we love friends in major fashion cities:-P)...and even took a snapshot of the product tag which has all the serial numbers, in case anyone of you are searching for the YSL Sac Muse. Thank you once again for all this useful information! My readers are the best:-)

Source: YSL, Peter Stiger, Pornthep


Joffrey said...

Please, have you an idea of the price of the first pochette ? :)

Al said...

how much is the sac muse over at paris?

i MUST ask my friend to get it for me!

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

this one is a KEEPer!

Anonymous said...

It's 595Eur..good luck

Anonymous said...

where can you find more pics of this bag or search for the serial numbers?