Saturday, 20 March 2010

My MANy Bags News #208

Below: Mihara Yasuhiro Spring Summer 2010 Show at Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore... so exciting to wait for the opening of the show since it's my favourite menswear collection for Spring Summer 2010...

Below: The linkway between Four Seasons Hotel and Hilton Hotel transformed into an out of this world show venue... show is about to start, guests are trickling in! Me and my friends have great seats at the front row where the models will walk in from:-P

Below: The show venue with mood lighting... notice the lights on the ceiling, like stars or 'Christmas':-P

Below: Hurray, music on, show has started!

Below: The washed leather vest is one of the signature look for the collection... a boyish explorer...

Below: This is actually a vest with atttached long sheer draping scarfs... very romantic... it's an interesting textural contrast to the destroyed tee

Below: Shirts with amazing pocket details...paint splatter slouchy pants. Mihara's pieces surprises you when you inspect them up close...

Below: My favourite look... those sandal/ boots are amazing. Tough chic... I would buy them in a heartbeat if only they are available at Club 21!

Below: My 'fuzzy' attempt to capture the back of the shoe! Love love!

Below: Ladies, Mihara Yasuhiro does womenswear too! These destroyed dresses have sequins under the slilts. The footwear is amazing too! U can find them at Club 21 store at Four Seasons Hotel...

Below: A play on transparency, softness against distressed treatment...

Below: The suiting features lightweight fabrics with a worn in look... but yet so refined and elegant befitting a young 'prince'...

Below: My favourite look again... love those sandal/boots!

Below: I was expecting the show to end and everyone leaves for the cocktail reception...when all of a sudden, Mihara Yaushiro himself makes an appearance and takes his well deserved bow. My reaction was too slow to capture a good pic! Darn!

Below: A buffet awaits hungry guests and best of all, you can shop while you eat!:-P Club 21 stores are just on each side:-P

Below: Inspiration for the collection: Le Petite Prince:-) I love the book!

Below: As a true fan, I had to take a pic with Mr Mihara. He is so approachable and has strong personal style. Love his pants and hair!;-P

Below: Thank you Club 21 for the invitation!

Mihara Yasuhiro Spring Summer 2010 Show At Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

Last evening, I had the pleasure of being invited to an intimate runway presentation organised by Club 21 and Mihara Yasuhiro. The event showcases one of the strongest and my favourite (which I have been raving about on my blog the past few months) Mihara Yasuhiro collection, inspired by the french fable, Le Petite Prince. A imaginative collection that plays on the explorations of the character in the book, with amazing distressed pieces of fine and interesting details and also refined suiting to match. Beyond all the ruggedness of slouchy pants, destroyed tees and deliberate worn-out footwear, the collection also carried a air of elegance and innocence that plays on the designers' strength for boyish charm that taps on the allure of youth. Mihara's attention to detail is also unsurpassed and deserves applause.

The elegant event played to a beautiful setting of soothing ambient ceiling lights (resembling stars perched in space), paint washed walls and floors in neutral shades of sand, almost giving you a sense of exploration in the desert. All these aptly contributed to the mood of Mihara Yasuhiro's Le Petite Prince Inspired Spring Summer 2010 collection. As the show started, I was treated to many inspiring pieces with creative cuts or details, such as a vest with attached long draping sheer scarf or silver foil shorts or a blazer with a seductive sheer back. It was a balance of the toughness of the explorer looks contrasted with the softness of almost weightless fabrics and transparency. There was also a pair of boots/sandal design that I would have snapped up in an instant if Club 21 had managed to stock them. (Unfortunately, they did not! I am so sad!). Even my friend who does not follow fashion was seduced and appreciated the beauty of the collection.

As the show came to an end, I was caught off guard with the designer himself poping out from behind the curtains, taking a bow! Mihara Yasuhiro in person! I almost (quote Rachel Zoe) DIED:-P

Guests were then treated to a surprisingly delicious buffet of some of the best pastries, creme brulee, roast beef and probably the best smoked salmon I have ever tasted. As the event took place right outside the Club 21 stores, we were able to shop as we eat:-) How convenient. Club 21 dedicated the entire first floor to Mihara Yasuhiro's collection and I have to say they carried an impressive range, new pieces specially ordered for this occassion. I love many many pieces and happily choose 2 which I will make a payment today. There is a storewide 20% discount for the next 3 days, so hurry down if you want to shop some Mihara or other designers!

A wonderful evening with amazing ambience to view an impressive collection. Like a fan boy, I had to take a pic with Mihara Yasuhiro, who was very friendly and had a strong personal style. I enjoyed the evening very much, all thanks to Club 21 yet again.

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p76 said...

i was there too and i saw u but too shy to say hi to u ! hehe

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi P76,

next time say hi!:-P

p76 said...

okok kevin! btw, the pandora bag u were holding last night is gorgeous!
looked great on you too.
and you are very tall!hahahah

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you!:-P

Next time, do say hi:-) I love the show. Did you like it?


som said...

hehe, show us your face! :-) Love your Givenchy bag and love MiharaYasuhiro..

p76 said...

yes kevin i enjoyed the show very much