Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Material Boy #382

Below: The easiest way to add some summer colours to your outift... a cool Balenciaga Triple Tour SGH Bracelet in cyclade for you?

Below: The boys can do the black and silver combination! Equally rock chic cool!

Below: Or lovely sweet Sorbet pink?

Balenciga SGH Triple Tour Bracelet

What's not to love about these Balenciaga bracelets? Gorgeous silver studs, distressed leather of many varied colours and the perfect accessory to add some rock chic on a cool night out. Works for both girls and boys:-) If you are already a fan of SGH (Silver Giant Hardware) bags, then these bracelets will definitely be on your wishlist, especially so, when it is so affordable at US$195 (or approx. SGD$330) a piece!

I love the cyclade colour!

Balenciaga Hilton Hotel, Singapore stocks these bracelets but do call as they might have sold out on them by now... Grrr.

Source: Balenciaga, Carolines Mode

Retail price: US$195. Where to buy: Balenciaga


freshmess said...

cyclade is a great color! perfect for summer! thanks for sharing little indulgences like this =)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

U are most welcome Mark! I love accessories:-) getting one?

oskarsobsession said...

i think i would rather this in the small hardware

edith said...

:0 i love this!

freshmess said...

Well there's no Balenciaga store here so that'd be a tough one. Need to try 'em on first. =)

khaz of beautiful things said...

O wow. I'm so getting the black one. I already told my Balenciaga boys. It's not available in my local store so I'll hafta order from abroad.