Friday, 5 March 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #91

Below: Coco Cocoon bag... 'puffy' chic?

Below: A 'parody' of the Chanel shopping bag... anyways, love those Balmain jeans with chain mail inserts under all those distressed holes...

Chanel Bag Ladies

Besides the classic quilted flap bags, Chanel has other designs to add a bit of variety and fun to their bag line-up. 2 of the 'love-hate' bags where fans of Chanel question the aesthetics of the design, whether is it appropriate to hail from the esteemed fashion house. In a way, I feel they do not look half bad when worn the right way. Especially the Coco Cocoon Bag.

Love or hate?

Source: Stockholm Streetstyle


Shane Bailey said...

I never thought the Cocoon bag will look good on anybody. But she did pull off the bag somehow.

SE@N said...

love the cocoon but not the shopping bag...Karl should learn from MJ when he did LV-Chinatown-shopping bag.