Sunday, 18 April 2010

My Shopping Conquest #102

Below: My Balenciaga 'loot' from yesterday!

Below: It's mine, it's mine... have been 'haunted' by the Balenciaga Triple Tour Bracelet since I blogged about it... so now I got mine... and in a electrifying Outremer Blue!

Below: Outremer Blue adds just the right amount of visual splash on your wrist!

Below: Back of the bracelet when tied... I am a fan of giant hardware, love the cross hatched texture, even on buckles!

Below: And I also got something from the new ROSE GOLD hardware bags! Rose gold is gorgeous and is to replace the GOLD Hardware...

Balenciaga Triple Tour SGH Leather Bracelet In Outremer

Remember this? Yay, I finally am a proud owner of my first Balenciaga Triple Tour SGH Leather Bracelet! And to add to the excitement, I got it in a fabulous Outremer Blue! An inbetween blue of cyan and reddish tones, this electrifying colour is perfect to brighten up any wrist! I love the contrast of the Silver Giant Stud against the bright blue which rocked contemporary cool:-P

Anyone who is interested, hurry down to Balenciaga Hilton Hotel now, limited pieces available only. Right now, the other colour option is Sang, which is a bright cherry red. Comes in different sizing. I took medium size which allows for adjustment to a looser or tighter fit.

Beyond that, I also got seduced by the new colour of Balenciaga's giant studs... aptly named ROSE GOLD... it's again an inbetween of bronze peach tones and the standard yellow gold hardware. Very glamourous especially against darken leather colours. The studs also spot dark burnished cross hatch details which adds a vintage flavour. From what I heard, Rose Gold hardware is to replace Giant Gold Hardware. Rose Gold Hardware is less common than silver but adds a full punch of glamour to the beloved Balenciaga bags.

Check them out for yourself! I know I did... even brought home one:-P

Retail price: SGD $360. Where to buy: Balenciaga Boutique at Hilton Hotel, Singapore


Bagaholicboy said...

Nice! So what RGH piece did you get?

Anonymous said...

RE: BAG CANARD! work? part time? REVEAL!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Is that a Canard RGGH bag I spy?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Will take pics soon!:-P I love this new colour hardware:-P

and I love the outremer colour too!

freshmess said...

Oh you got it, Kev! Woot, congrats! Such lovely color.

Anonymous said...

LOVELY kev!!!! anymore of those outremer bracelet?
i wanna get one!!


Eclair Au Chocolat said...

At this point, with the 2 belts from Hermès and now the Balenciaga bracelet, we we NEED snapshots of outfits. :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...


there are more... check it out at the Hilton store:-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Mark and EAC,

I will do snapshots...:-) Gimme me time.:-)

p76 said...

i love that kinda blue too!
anyway i just like blue. any blue.

KH said...

Look so Fab..... pretty chic!

I thinking to get myself a black one?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but please stop torturing us show us the bag please wer'e begging you.

Anonymous said...

May i know what is the length of your bal bracelet?

Is there a difference in length for S & M? whats the length of the bracelet till the first hole?! i need help!!!