Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #125

Below: D&G Fall Winter 2010 Mens Bags... Bag charms and quilted nylon anyone?

Below: The handles and design look a bit Prada-esque or even Coco Cocoon-ish? Yes? No?

Below: D&G Prefall 2010 Collection: 'Loewe Calle Bag'... is that chu?!?!?!

D&G PreFall & Fall 2010 Mens Bags

Sale season has barely begun for Spring Summer 2010 merchandise and now we are already getting a glimpse of what's on offer for Fall Winter 2010...

For next fall D&G sends puffy ski-wear clad hunks (pity they got all wrapped up under all the thick outerwear... no skin to be shown...sob sob) down their runways. As a result, this ski theme idea translates thru to the bag collection as well.

Lots of nylon and distressed leather. Waterproof, weatherproof and abuse proof. Sometimes, you just need a tough bag to bring along when you are up for some those snow cap adventures!

For prefall 2010, there are roomy duffels with a v front design (not bad for a nylon duffel), or totes in leather or nylon that is practical and sans the usual loud D&G branding. And 'Loewe Calle Bag'... Is dat chu? Wonder who in D&G approve this bag design for production? 'Copying' or greta minds think alike?

As for the Fall 2010 Bags, it's all in the charms... bag charms. Loving all those cute little trinkets that hangs on the quilted nylon totes. Prada-esque, Chanel Coco Cooonish... whatever you describe it, those charms are what sets these bags apart. The furry pom poms, 'mountain climbing' D-hooks and rope , phone wire looking charms etc. add colour and a sense of explorer attitude to the otherwise sombre winter collection. They almost seem like souvenirs you pick up from some hill tribes while trekking those ski mountains.

Anyone for some skiing adventure next fall?

Source: D&G


Anonymous said...

I always say this, you can rely on Versace and D&G for season after season to give us cringe worthy/carbon copy overpriced bags. Why these Italian cant get it right?

Anonymous said...

"Loewe Calle Bag" or DnG, i think the design all came from Cambodia monk's bag :p

Anonymous said...

i think saw you today! were you wearing a green tshirt and carrying your givenchy?

ToShiYaKi said...

in case you hasn't seen this... this will explain why we see similar design over n over again from diff brands.

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

Impressive. I like the bagcharm.

freshmess said...

They all look cheap.