Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Material Boy #393

Below: After the disastrous Prada Shanghai totes, it's a relief to see these adorable eco friendly 'Bring Your Own Bags' totes from the Italian brand... such adorable prints, especially this 'Boat and Bee' version...

Prada Yellow Bee/Boat Nylon 'Bring Your Own Bags' Tote

This bag goes to prove you just need a bit of discerning creativity and you get a nice bag with a good print at a good price. Further to the hideous Prada Shanghai totes which I featured, I am relieved to see Prada has not lost their touch with the new series of eco friendly, Bring Your Own Bags collection. I love the prints on the nylon totes, makes a great summertime bag to throw around, even at the beach (since it is nylon!). I am so getting the cheery boat and bee print tote!

Check out the other designs, there's even a series in plain cotton/linen with leather handles...

Measures 36cm (L) x 36cm (H) x 20cm (D)

Retails for £180 or SGD 360. Available at Prada stores or online @

Source: Prada


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they look like flea market bags.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

These are stated as 'bring your own bags' kinda shopping totes. Eco friendly:-) Depends on what you want and expect.

SE@N said...

me like it... a lot.

MKH said...

Kevin, I think this is my first time writing here on your blog which I've followed since last year ;)

Anyway, just wanted to ask whether these bags will still be available at the end of June? My brother is going to UK & I'm asking him to get me either the cotton/linen in brown or black. This will be my first time purchasing a designer item (unless you count a Guess messenger bag as designer).

Kevin @ myMANybags said...


these prada bags will be available in stores this week. Hurry, with these pricing, they tend to sell out very fast.

Hope it helps!

If you live in Europe, why dun you buy online from Prada's website?


MKH said...

Hi Kevin,

I'm actually living in Brunei which makes everything much more complicated. Nothing ever ships here and I just saw some adverts for Coach & Burberry sales over in Singapore! If only I could fly over anytime to shop *sigh* Where are the fashion fairies when you need them? LOL.