Saturday, 15 May 2010

My Céline Debut...

Below: This week I decided not to take my dressing room pic at Zara... need to upgrade... So Lanvin Hilton Hotel, here I come! Love spacious dressing room and large mirrors. I spotted a nice shirt which I am highly likely to get tommorrow:-P

Below: Before I head home, I went to Zara and look what I found this week! Red tailored shorts... tried them on and it fit great for my slim build cos' they are for womens. Hence, the cut is so much slimmer, with the leg openings smaller. Mens shorts can sometimes make you look like you are hiding 2 chickens in your pants. You cannot visibly tell these are for womens as the design is derivative from men's. The rise (waist to the crotch area) however is short, so you have to wear it lower:-) which I preferred. (SGD $49.90 if anyone's interested. And comes in 4 colours!)

My Céline Debut And This Week's Zara 'Cool Find'...

I finally got a chance to use my Céline Leather Cabas. Sometimes when we buy bags, we are attracted to the design and do not think about the functionality or user-friendliness of the bag. So I have at times bought what I call a 'dud'. Something that looks pretty but it's a pain to use. In the end, off to the lost and forgotten pile and never see the daylight again.

But I am happy to report I have immense joy using the Céline Leather Cabas I just bought. The size is just right, the weight not straining on your hands. And the best part, the inner zip pocket is position at just the right height that makes retrieving small items such as mobile phones and ipod so easy:-P The position of the pocket is also perfect that I can even put in my ipod and still get enough length of the earphones when carrying it by hand.

I am happy with my purchase and I am definitely getting aplenty of these in the near future!

Source: Céline


tedore said...

Is this a Zara shirt too, right?

Anonymous said...

ohhh i LOVE your shirt!!! cute design...where is it from??

Anonymous said...

i love your outfit at Lanvin's fitting room so much, especially your bottom and shoes. it goes well along with your bag. very good matching.

Nico said...

another win for Celine!!! btw, i didn't notice the shorts are for women until you said it was. it looked good on ya!

i hope your pandora wasn't a dud.

Anonymous said...

Hey ... I recently found your site and I think its great.
I was wondering which belt your wearing with the red shorts!!
Please post to let me know.

Greetings from Amsterdam

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Tedore and Anony... that is not a Zara shirt. It's from D&G. Perfect fit, very slim fitted. Love the trimmings.:-) Glad you like it.

And Anony2, my belt is from HE by Mango. Simple belt.. Faux python skin.
very cheap but nice!

Nico, Pandora is a join to use too, becos it has a good exterior pocket. And with 3 ways to carry, it is very versatile.:-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh, my shirt looks a bit rumpled as it is nearing end of the day. Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, I was at Kino yesterday browsing magazines, and I saw someone taking the celine bag, and immediately I thought it could be you! hahaha and I was right! Wanted to say hi and tell you that your blog is my daily must read.... but I didn't la, scared la.
Anyway keep up the good job with your blog, always a pleasure to read it :)


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Eugene,

Yeah, I was at Kinokuniya looking for a book. Next time say hi:-)

But I am no 'celebrity', need to feel shy.


tedore said...

Zara has the same shirt ;)in four colours

ToShiYaKi said...

love the softness of Celine Cabas... i wish i am rich till that extend tat i can use it as pillow case.

great that you have got that bag. it will be more functionable if the handle is slightly longer for carrying on the shoulder.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Well Zara's the king of replcating looks:-) Zara's cut for shirts however is never comparable to D&G. For slim fitted shirt, they have the most flattering cut. Zara shirts are usually too short for taller guys to tuck in properly and sleeves are also wider.:-)

But it's definitely affordable for trend pieces.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Kevin,

I knew your beautiful Celine cabas bag has fully lined, Did you know the colourful Celine cabas they are fully lined (with a small pocket with zip)as well??
Many thanks

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Tom, the rest of the colourful cabas is unlined.