Monday, 10 May 2010

My MANy Bags News #227

Anyone For Bold Colours? Casio G-Shock X-large Vivid Colour is here!

Definitely a statement piece... these fun watches are now on a comeback with bigger brighter personalities:-) It's 90's flashback to the days when I wore a G-shock, now I want it again.

launches the new G-Shock X-Large Vivid Colour range!

Rainbow? Vibrant Orange? Superb Cyan? Electric Fuchsia or Acid Kelly Green? Take your pick and bring on some 'shock' value to your timepieces!

Comes in 2 models: GA110A comes in Vibrant Orange and Yellow with parts painted in exciting rainbow colours. GA110B uses single colour for the face, panel, hands and LCD and is available in the aforementioned tones, with the addition of a black casing and wrist strap. Retail price is an affordable SGD 170, with the limited edition GA110F (the multi coloured strap and watch face version, which is what I will buy:-P) at SGD 224.

What do you think? Too loud or just right?

Source: Casio


freshmess said...


Pat said...

Please do not waste your money.

Philipe Starck makes nicer watches for about the same price.

But, speaking of childhood memories, I used to have a G-flash. It was pale green like goo and I dropped it from 10 stories on to a tarmac road. Amazingly it still worked.

Anonymous said...

where are you planning to buy it? is it in store yet for the limited edition one as i would like to get one for myself!