Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #101

Below: If you are not convinced a guy can pull off Céline's ultra chic leather cabas... Kwannam from 'We Could Grow Up Together' is good testament that the bag looks fab on a guy!

Below: Equally suited for the lady:-P

'We Could Grow Up Together' With Céline Bi-material Leather Cabas!

Kwannam from the famed blog, 'We Could Grow Up Together' posted pics of him and his lady friend's Céline Bi-material Leather Cabas! I just got that 2 weekends ago and his modelling pics just affirms an even greater love for the bag.

Information for all interested parties: The bag is actually printed 'python' texture calf leather but done so convincingly that even I could not tell at the first glance that it is not the real deal. The texture is made so real to the touch that it feels scaly with parts flaking up just like real snake skin. Talk about not harming 'endangered' species!:-)

Céline Leather Cabas rules!

Source: We Could Grow Up Together


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but no i don't think he can pull it off...love your website though :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I feel he looked great with the bag:-) Love it.

Lau said...

kevin,你可以介紹幾款男用的側背或肩背包嗎? 適合裝10吋laptop,cell phone, wallet, 預算usd1000左右, 麻煩了.thx

2400_HoangPham said...

Hi Kevin, I just wonder how tall is the guy because the bag fit will with him,
Thank a lot :)

Anonymous said...

the bag looks so fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

still waiting for the reveal of the balenciaga bag

Anthony said...

this Céline bag is getting really HIT now among the fashionable male... I love how kwannam carries it.. and can't wait to see how Kelvin carries it.. :P