Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #132

Dolce & Gabbana Prefall 2010 Mens Shoes

Ever since I suffer from 'overtly loud branding' phobia on luxury goods, Dolce Gabbana has slip off my shopping radar since Spring Summer 2007 season. I used to be a major fan of the Italian duo, their clothes channel sexuality and impeccable Italian charm, as evident in my massive collection of DG RTW pieces. Those were the days... but as time progresses, I got over my 'flashy branding' days while Dolce & Gabbana (not D&G) evolved their brand direction to a more sartorial and sophisticated style.
Prefall 2010 continues this renewed brand direction with pared down designs on the footwear. Goodbye to the days when DG initials simply overwhelms the design. Now, the branding is toned down and subtle, with shapes and cuts of the shoes as the core draw for savvy shoe fans.

Riding hot on the military trends for Fall Winter 2010, Dolce & Gabbana introduces their own interpretation of Army boots. Interesting vintage leather finish with extra light 'car tyre' rubber soles, and clever paneling design on the back, all poised for a must-have footwear for next season. I love the vintage brown version, it reminds me of army officers from yesteryear. If you fancy low cut versions, there are also derby and brogue style 'boots' which are equally appealing options.

For the active DG fan, vintage finish low/semi high cut trainers will see you treading with style on and off the treadmills. Leather and suede in subdued palette of dark browns, deep greys and blacks all juxapose and matched up beautifully together. The green coloured trainer is a real stand out, as does the 'scruff up' white version. Both beckons out to me most and I see them ideal for those gym days or even a good weekend out about town:-)

Check out the Prefall 2010 collection in the flagship Dolce & Gabbana store at Ion Orchard if you are in Singapore!

Source: Dolce & Gabbana via Club 21

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