Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #133

MARNI WINTER EDITION 2010 featuring Claude Caillol

Since summer 2009, Marni has been launching a special 'Marni Edition' collection where Conseulo Castiglioni's intention was to create pieces that gives a feeling that the clothes and accessories of this line have always belonged to you. "It is a construction of memories and of style which, in time, have become distinctive Marni features." explains the designer known for her easy-to-wear and contemporary aesthetic.

For Marni Winter Edition 2010, Conseulo has collaborated with French artist Claude Caillol whose naïve drawings on recycled plastic bags gained attention in the art world. Free-handed and free-spirited, these organic artworks act as a celebration of the unseen poetry in daily life.

Invited in the Marni workshops, as a PVC project was already being developed, Caillol created a series of lively drawings working directly on plastic bags. Caillol produced a series of motifs, both figurative and abstract, that have been printed on PVC and canvas totes as well as t-shirts.

These lovely quirky illlustrations gave the PVC bags a new lease of artistic appeal. If you like Prada BYO bags:-P... then here's another option for you, with added artistic expression on these Marni versions! Love it for being fun and individualistic.

Retails from SGD360 for the bags... But also do check out the t-shirts which I absolutely adore. The illustrations looked simply amazing.

Marni is located at 02-28 Hilton Hotel, Singapore. (Tel: 6735 3118)

Source: Marni via Club 21

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pauline said...

i know this is of no link, but can you save me the outremer triple tour bracelet if you ever decide to sell? and the YSL bracelet! they're so pretty!