Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #138

Below: Burberry's new interactive Fall Winter 2010 Ad Campaign... a first in luxury fashion advertising!

© Copyright Burberry/Testino

Burberry Launches A Digitally Interactive Global Fall Winter 2010 Advertising Campaign

Fresh debut! Burberry unveils their new Fall Winter 2010 Ad Campaign and they do not disappoint:-) I love this new series of shots utilising different coloured background that compliment the clothes' colour tones.

Being innovators in the industry, launching an ad campaign in print is no longer a challenge, so Burberry pushes the boundaries yet again and developed a completely interactive advertising campaign using innovative technology whereby users can select and control the views/perspective of campaign, cast and products.

Individual products and cast respond to user controlled commands allowing for maximum interactivity. This fully immersive feature is a first for global luxury fashion advertising and successfully reinforce Burberry's heritage, innovation and digital creativity.

There are 14 images and 6 interactive videos to showcase the entire family of Burberry's Autumn Winter 2010 collections. Motion responsive images and video can be clicked, rotated, paused and dragged 180 degrees!

Check out the Burberry website immediately to experience this innovation yourself.

Now that's what I call being a leader and setting new standards!

(I tried must too! It's simply engaging and never seen before elsewhere! Like watching a 3D movie and playing with an computer animated game all in one:-P Technology has come so far these days! Applause to Burberry!)

The all British casting of the models are fresh and made up of models, actors and musicians. Can you spot who's who?

Rosie Huntington Whiteley (Model)
Porter (Model)
Sam Rollinson (Model)

Charlotte Wiggins (Model)

Caspar Smyth (Model/Producer)

Douglas Booth (Actor)

Gwilym Gold (Musician)

Rory Cottam (Musician)

Samuel Fry (Musician)

Seb Brice (Model/Musician)

Thomas Penfound (Model)

“This campaign protects our authentic and timeless heritage and evolves the modern way in which we communicate that. The Burberry campaigns have always been characterized by the dynamic British cast and I wanted to express the individuality and the energy behind each of their different creative expressions. Burberry was founded on innovation and outerwear and I want anyone who sees the campaign not just to see images, but to feel a part of what we have created; connecting people through technology, music, the collections, the attitude, and the emotion captured.”
Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

Source: Burberry

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Nico said...

checked it out and its brilliant! pioneering a very advanced experience of the label. i think it's great to take advantage of what made Avatar famous. 3D!