Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Runway Sniper #63

Below: DSquared2 Spring Summer 2011 Menswear. My thoughts - ' Oh that's a nice jacket with interesting colour combinations, I think Zara will have something similar next Spring Summer season. The models are cute nonetheless...'

Below: My thoughts - ' Love the look, I might have something similar that I can pull out from the back of my closet somewhere...'

Below: My thoughts - ' Blue blazer... been there, done that!'

Below: My thoughts - 'Pink jacket, I'll pass... neon green shorts... Marc by Marc Jacobs has one pair on sale soon!'

Below: My thoughts - 'I can easily substitute that silk shirt with another blue shirt in my closet...'

Below: My thoughts - 'Denim shirt... Topman or Zara should have that at a fraction of the price of this one!'

Below: My thoughts - 'Who's Julian? I might save lots of money printing my own t-shirts bearing my own name...'

Below: My thoughts - 'Sexy hunk in bed? LOOOOOVE!!!'

Below: My thoughts - 'The guy who bare his butt... Hot!!!'

Below: My thoughts - 'Pecs and tattoos... Mega Hot!!!'

Below: My thoughts - 'Those pieces I think I already have in my wardobe...'

2 Spring Summer 2011 Menswear

My thoughts as indicated with the viewing of each pic above sums up my review of the new DSquared2 Spring Summer 2011 Menswear collection. Low on surprise factor, but high on showmanship and presentation! Who else can get away with having half naked hunk showing his butt and doing sit ups (suspended on a bar) during a runway show? DSquared2! This collection themed around the American Gigolo oozes sex appeal and the dream lifestyle of the rich and beautiful. But however high the memorability of the show, the clothes unfortunately do not evoke any surprise... been there, done that, pieces you'd probably find in your closet from yesteryear or wait for Zara to come up with more sanely priced versions.

But I like the models. They cast the best guys around. Nose bleeding! (watch out for the guy in bed showing his naked butt at 1:49 before putting on his shorts!)

Source: Style, Sonny Photos

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freshmess said...

I had to just forward to 1:49. Slick trick that one! Haha!