Monday, 21 June 2010

The Runway Sniper #60

Below: Prada's 'man boys' for Spring Summer 2011... revival of the 3 button jackets but so slim fitted, only the youthful slender frames of young men can fit...

Below: Colours are paramount to the collection... love these coloured stripes on the shirts... young and fun:-)

Below: Only when you have a youthful attitude can you pull off that drawstring waist pouch with such zest!

Below: Prada meets the TV series 'Scrubs' garb never look this chic...

Below: Bring young means you can be forgiven for wearing lego block colours, baggy shorts and carrying varsity inspired multi-coloured totes!

Below: An inspiration... denim 'hospital' garb:-P

Below: Boat neck knits that turns a notch up at the refined look of a Prada clad professional:-)

Below: I am somewhat drawn to this sweater. But the 'clown' like primary colours means only the young at heart can wear this fearlessly...

Below: Last but not least, my wishlist for Prada Spring Summer 2011... these shoes are amazing! Need!

Prada Spring Summer 2011 Menswear

Miuccia Prada's obsession with youth is evident in quite a few of her Prada collections now. This celebration of 'man-boys' (I termed it the intermediate phrase between adolescence and adulthood where you are not too young to afford Prada while not too old to be less serious in dressing.) comes into full play for Prada's Spring Summer 2011 Menswear collection. How else can you justify a guy wearing lego block colours, oversized shorts, super tight 3 button jacket or varsity inspired drawstring waist pouch/totes with thick soled multi-coloured brogues and not look ridiculous? Well, these Prada 'man-boys' managed with flying colours. They seem well prepped as interns or fresh grads starting their new stint at a hospital, seen in the aplenty of hospital-like garbs that perhaps spin out from the TV series 'Scrubs'. Miuccia may have been a fan:-P

But beyond all that youthful vibe in the collection lies impeccable tailoring and simplicity that real guys will lust to wear. The navy boat neck knits offers a clean preppy look over a shirt, while the brightly coloured stripe trim shirts adds sparkle of colour in any dull office gear.

I for one, am already adding the thick sole shoes to my wishlist. What about you?

Source: Style, Sonny Photos


Nico said...

like ghesquiere, she never disappoints. glad to see serious color in the spring season.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh Nico, Prada misses sometimes! Actually quite a few times... too conceptual for the mass market. But when she gets it, it's fabulous!

I will not say this collection is a hit for me, I love some parts, some looks are ridiculous for normal people, but works for runway. Let's see how it plays out for buyers for the stores:-) I do like the shoes! they are cute.

Nico said...

I'd agree with you. Some looks do make you want to look twice (and not in a good way) but she keeps moving the eye forward.

and looking at some backstage shots, yeah, some of the stuff will not fly/be appreciated in the mass market. :/ some of them look dorky LOL.

Anonymous said...

Love this collection! The block colour shirts ...