Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #142

Below: Are you ready for PS11, sister to the highly coveted PS1 bag?:-P

Below: Love these dressier top handle bags with chain handles! The square studs gives it an edgy look while being glamourous:-)

Below: The shoes are a highlight in Proenza Schouler's Fall 2010 collection! Mean looking heels for biker chicks!

Below: There are also bracelets and belts to get your fill of Proenza Schouler!

Proenza Schouler Fall Winter 2010 Womens Accessories And Bags

From the dynamic duo who brought us the 'anti-IT bag', PS1 (which ironically became the hit bag that inspired many other similar schoolboy bag styles), came another highly modern and ultra savvy Fall Winter 2010 collection. Those mean looking PS11 bags, sister to PS1, get toughen up with square studs and more hardcore 'bling' hardware. Love the quilted version which seem like a 'grungier' sister to Chanel while the fur trim top flap style is street luxe with an edge!

There are also chain strap top handle handbags, with the one in croc invoking immense lust! Girls, sharpen your nails and be ready for some catfights at the stores if you want one of them!

As for shoe fanatics, those mean and tall ankle boots with side buckles are fabulous to spice up some biker cool. The heel design reminded me of Alexander Mcqueen's infamous armadillo heels (Some top models were worried about the height and fit of those alien looking heels and hence turned down walking at his SS2010 show.). The height of these Proenza Schouler shoes do look intimidating as well!

Proenza Schouler is definitely a fashion force to keep your radar on. Fans in Singapore will get to shop their fill of Proenza Schouler when Club 21 stores add the brand to their ever expanding selection of labels. Hurray!

(BTW, check out the interview Net-A-Porter did with Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough on their inspiration behind the PS1 bag. At middle part of the clip, you see one of the guys showcasing the Extra Large PS1 bag. Observe the proportion of the extra large PS1 to a guy's build. Oh my... at that size, the bag is a match made in heaven for a man! I would grab that. It's gorgeous in tan coloured leather. LOVE...)

Below: After watching the interview clip on Net-A-Porter, this Extra Large PS1 Bag in tan coloured leather is hot on my wishlist now! Retails for USD2350 here... yikes!

Source: Proenza Schouler


RGM said...

After seeing the vid...I seriously want one. But USD2400? Whoa, that would be the most expensive bag in my collection.

Carissa said...

oh the bag. me love <3

Stan said...

I think lady gaga is gonna go crazy over the biker heels. Matches with her studded leather biker jackets well.

Shane Bailey said...

Is there any minor modifications to the PS1? It seems even more feminine to me ~~ which a bummer

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Carissa, yes the bags are indeed lovely :-P I love them too.

And shane, the PS1 is as it was, no modifications. The pic I show is the extra large and the proportions are different. BTW, I notice u always leave duplicate comments, did you post twice?

And stan, Lady Gaga loves drama! So those shoes will be attention grabbing:-P

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

What is the name of the 3rd bag from the top of this entry?

It's really awesome and I hope it would not be too pricey!

Know of any sites I can get it online?


Julia said...

The first bag looks like Hermes :\ PS needs to simmer down because they are not at that level to charge what they think the could charge for bags. Why would I spend 2-3k for a bag with them over Chanel or Balenciaga or Prada?

Nico said...

lol to ur reaction of the price tag. i think that's the price of being anti-it bag. it pains to go 'against' the grain!