Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Gender Bender #61

Below: Innovatively designed gender bending shoes from Jil Sander's Fall Winter 2010 Women's Collection... Love the wrap around flap design and cut outs! A good candidate for replacing my Marni cut out shoes:-P

Below: My Marni cut out shoes which I love till death... need to find it's successor before it retires from 'over wearing'...

Jil Sander Fall Winter 2010 Cut Out Leather Shoes

I love my Marni cut out shoes. Love it so much that I am now paving the way for its retirement as a result of 'over-wearing'. To find its successor is real task, which I have embark since months ago. I had wanted Mihara Yasuhiro ankle wrap lace-ups as a potential replacement, but somehow it just lacks the refined appeal of my Marni pair. Mihara Yasuhiro's is more deliberate rough out look.

Thank goodness, I just spotted this pair of shoes from Jil Sander's Fall Winter 2010 Womens Collection which holds much promise. I just love with the cut out middle portion of the shoe with a wrap around flap extend from the base. Definitely unseen of and very interesting. The slip on design also means you can wear them without socks, another requirement for my Marni shoe replacement quest.

Hopefully these will be available at a bigger size at the Jil Sander Boutique at Hilton Hotel Singapore to fit my feet. I hereby invoke my 'Cinderella luck' to bless me to fit these shoes this coming fall season!:-P Wish me luck in ending my long 'replacing Marni shoe' hunt:-)

(BTW, those tall boots with the same design concept is equally appealing, love those die-cut and wrap around flap design again. I would want those too!)

Source: Jil Sander


Anonymous said...

Asian women's feet normally size around 40 maximum. So i guess Club21 would not carry your size.

HAIKALcium Lowfat said...

aaaahhhh, androgynous shoes! these make me all tingly! love especially the last pair!

owh, btw, I just did a comic strip about Fendi peek-a-boo featuring Anja Rubik, Jessica Stam and Baptiste Giabiconi. Feel free to check it out..


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Sometimes I can wear size 40, so I am crossing my fingers for that!:-P

Anonymous said...

hahaha, by the way, be lucky kevin.

1st anon