Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My MANy Bags News #247

Below: Bottega Veneta's new website design focuses on enhancing user interactivity and experience... new layout, larger pics and more content!

Bottega Veneta Launches The Next Generation Of

In keeping up with the technological demands of the ever changing fashion world, Bottega Veneta has relaunched their website for a bigger and better upgrade with more exclusive content (such as the making of the iconic knot clutch), larger size pictures and ease of navigation. This is so much more of an improvement over the previous website design, with a strong focus on user experience that reflects the same standards of sophistication and engagement as she or he will have in a Bottega Veneta store.

“Our aim in launching the next generation of is to establish Bottega Veneta as a premium luxury brand within the digital space, just as we have done in the world of bricks and mortar,” says Bottega Veneta CEO and President Marco Bizzarri. “Looking ahead, we believe there is enormous potential for cross-channel interaction that works to build brand awareness while enhancing the service we offer our customers.”

Try it for yourself today! Hopefully one day, the online store will be available for more countries!

And for ipad users, now you have an excuse to get yourself the new intrecciato ipad cover... LOVE + Major lust!


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