Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #118

Below: Gucci's website exclusive leopard hair calf trainers, yours for US$795...

Below: Lanvin's take on leopard print...made for ladies, but boys can wear them if the size fits, yours for £425...

Below: Giacomorelli stunning studded leopard slip-ons, yours for Euro380...

Below: The master of leopard print shoes... Christian Louboutin offers 2 styles for Fall Winter 2010. The studded rollerball costs SGD $2800, available for pre-order at their boutique in Singapore now.

Below: Another leopard print hair calf trainers from Christian Louboutin... but from Spring Summer 2010 season... on sale now if you can find it!

Below: My Comme Des Garcon white leopard haircalf slip-ons which I got a few months back at Club 21 mens store (retails SGD $685)...need a leopard print pair in brown tones now... which ones should I get?

Mens Shoes: Leopard Spotted!

It's officially a jungle out there this Fall Winter 2010 and next Spring Summer 2011 season! Grab some leopard print hair calf or leather shoes and start walking on the wild side:-)

Christian Louboutin does 'envy inducing' studded loafers and gorgeous trainers for Fall Winter 2010 and Spring Summer 2010 season. Gucci is also now offering their own interpretation of the trend as well. Giacomorelli's cool studded slip ons has got everyone hot on some leopard trail. I got my Comme Des Garcon white leopard print hair calf slip ons a few months back, I need another pair in brown tones. So which ones are you 'hunting' for next season?

Grrrrrrowl... time to add some feral charm!

Source: Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Giacomorelli, Comme Des Garcons, Lanvin

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Robbie said... now has the Giacomorelli Leopard loafer for pre-order now!! $652.80!!