Monday, 4 October 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #128

Below: My style hero wearing my favourites jeans... Milan Vukmirovic wearing Balmain jeans... 'Balmainia' has gotten into one of the world's most stylish and sexy man! Grab your Balmains now!

Below: Balmain Homme Biker Jeans - Euro 1210...

Milan Vukmirovic Wears Balmain Jeans!

My favourite style hero wearing my favourite jeans... Milan Vukmirovic and Balmain... nothing can go wrong there.

Have you got your pair of Balmain Homme Jeans?

Love his style! He seems to look good on anything. And his signature eyewear are those Ray Bans!

(BTW, I need a gold watch. Works well with the navy colours that is all the rage now for guys.)

Source: Sartorialist, Balmain


Nico said...

fortunately balmain DOES look good in real life. too bad critics are tired of it. at laest they make money.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Balmain Homme is doing really well, at least from the minimal amounts of items left during that goes on sale end season. Goes to show the pieces sell well for guys!

As for Women's, I fear Balmain will hit a brickwall if they do not start to introduce new things and styles. No one likes a one trick wonder in fashion, especially women's fashion.

I am disappointed with Balmain's SS2011. Safety pin techniques is so DIY... not befitting for the pricing and intricate handwork of Balmain. But I love the Americana look for some pieces!