Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #133

Below: Tom boys invade Spring Summer 2011 Womens' collections.
As seen at Balenciaga, street inspired versions...

Below: Tom boys as seen on DSquared2...power looks as straight out of the boardroom.

Below: Tom boys in a sporty way as seen on Isabel Marant... Girls want to play on 'boy's league':-P

Below: Since girls are 'stealing' men's style...boys have to 'fight' back:-P... How about some 'skirt-like' parka at Raf Simons... (This model seriously have me guessing his gender at first glance.)

Below: More skirts, anyone?

Below: White lace shirts at Givenchy...fit for a 'bride'...

Below: Skirts again...

Below: Sexy sheer underwear at Jean Paul Gaultier...
male lingerie?

Below: Male or female?!?!
? (Jean Paul Gaultier)

Spring Summer 2011: Gender Confused?

The 'Tomboys' are marching in full force! Girls ransacked the boy's closet while guys start looking like a 'girl'. Some are wearing lace shirts, some braved skirts and others get on some sheer underwear...

What on earth has happened in Fashion come Spring Summer 2011? Gender confused it may be but this is what makes fashion so fascinating:-P

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Shane Bailey said...

The look from Raf Simons crossed the line... I think

Nico said...

ehhh, i think this has gotta stop. in a way it looks inventive and fresh, but this mix of boy-girl is getting a little old. but i like that there are different reinterpretations.

and why do they guys have to 'fight back'? isn't the whole point to share the closet between genders?