Friday, 19 November 2010

My MANy Bags News #284

Below: Emma Watson, our beloved 'Hermione Granger from Harry Potter' is no longer just the little girl we have come to know, she is now a gorgeous woman, talented and a true fashion star! Emma Watson looked fabulous all studded and tough out in Burberry Prorsum studded trench coat and Winter Storm studded leather bag. Her new cropped hair makes her boyish and reminding me of supermodel Twiggy from the 60's!

Below: One of the world's first Supermodel, Twiggy from the 60's. Emma's hair and look resembles her...

Below: Not exactly this trench, but Emma's version is equally 'fierce'!

Below: The perfect companion to the studded trench... the black Winter Storm studded leather bag...

Emma Watson Spots More Edge With Short Hair And Burberry Prorsum Studded Trenchcoat

Our little girl from Harry Potter has really grown up... looking more fabulous and a true fashion icon these days, Emma now spots an even more edgy look with her new cropped hair. She reminds me of supermodel Twiggy in the 60's. Recently spotted carrying the Burberry Winter Storms Capsule Collection studded leather bag and a studded Burberry Prorsum trench coat, Emma means serious fashion business! You cannot help but take another look at this shinning superstar of this generation!

Harry Porter movie this weekend! Yay!

Source: Zimbio, Burberry Prorsum


IN TERMS OF ME said...

This girl looks so good compared to when she first showed up as an actress. That jacket + hairstyle are hot..

joy said...

I am very impressed with her transition as well. Along with her campaign with Burberry, excellent!


Daniel-Halifax said...

everyone sees her all around Providence! Everyone but me!