Monday, 13 December 2010

The Material Boy #426

Below: Who wants these Spring Summer 2011 Mens Shoes as much as me:-P?

Shoes To Lust For: Spring Summer 2011

In fashion, you have to plan ahead. Fashion never stops for anyone, so it is imperative for the discerning shopper to know your next seasons' purchase even before the current season is over. Fall Winter 2010 is coming to an end... end of season sales are in full force. So what better time than now to peruse over what's coming. Plan your shopping budget, instead of 'throwing away' money on items that may just be passing trends when current season ends. Save some bucks for new seasons offerings no matter how attractive the sale discounts may be:-) Or buy into items that will stay relevant for new seasons to come. That's the sale shopping strategy I am adopting this year:-)

So here's a look at upcoming shoes that I am loving. Top on the list are thoese Burberry Prorsum sandals that I have lament over since it first appeared on the runway many months ago. Now it is time to lust over them and plan to buy them if the price and fit is right!

Next on the list are those Neil Barrett Suede And Nappa Leather Hybrid Sandals/Chukka Boots which will match exceptionally well with skinny jeans. Urban warrior off duty anyone? If covered designs are still too uptight, Dior Homme's modern Leather Strap Ankle Sandals are a great alternative for modern footwear.

For a touch of sporty attitudes, Raf Simons Lace-up Leather Trainers are beckoning out to me. I love the crazy, displaced positions of the shoe laces which creates a unique design. These trainers will serve you well on and off the running track:-P

I also love the fluorescent orange and blue soled Jil Sander lace-ups for a spot of colour shock value completed with sartorial elegance. These shoes make a statement without being vulgar. And colour is a key trend for Spring Summer 2011! Wear with shorts or rolled pants:-)

Speaking on lace-ups and smart shoes... Christian Louboutin's Denim Studded Rollerboy will always have a special place in my heart. Versatile and eye catching, it's a shoe that warrants envy eyes anywhere you tread to. Next up, how about Distressed Patchwork Suede Lace-ups from Officine Creative which will make any summer shorts look complete with a dash of casual debonair:-P

Lastly, Loewe's White Leather Brogues with Wooden Soles will be what I will turn to for smart footwear to round off smart weekend ensembles... Hamptons or English charm?

So what's your 'lust list' for Spring Summer mens footwear? Anyone planned any purchases yet?

Source: Luisaviaroma, Loewe, Christain Louboutin, Burberry Prorsum


Tay said...

The Burberry Prorsum sandals are gorgeous!

Sol said...


Soon Jeremy said...

Hi I'm from Malaysia, I just wanna ask about the Prada ss10 men's shoes with the thick soles, how can I get them? A sales assistant told me that Malaysia and Singapore wouldn't be carrying it. I asked if I could specially order it, and she was quite reluctant in helping me out lol. So how can I get it?

Jay Strut said...

These may actually be the first pair of man sandal's I purchase! I love the construction.

Pana said...

I neeeeed these Burberry sandals! Stunning piece! But i want the sandals with the zipper!

And Raf Simons! Nice!

ucup_mad said...

i wonder how much is that gladiator? really wanna buy it