Sunday, 23 January 2011

Great Minds Think Alike #28

Below: Dior Homme vs. Céline? Great minds think alike? Dior Homme Fall Winter 2011 menswear... check out the bi-material tote bag...

Below: Does it resemble Céline's Spring 2011 Bi-material Cabas in leather and linen? From the bi-colour and material to the design...

Below: I still prefer Céline's version. Something about the proportion and the feel makes it more chic! The raw line and soft lamb skin is also an interesting mix of textures and materials. An all seasons bag for all occassions, luxe or casual:-) I am so in love with this!

Below: Kwannam from We Could Grow Up Together just got one! I love it!

Dior Homme Fall Winter 2011 vs. Céline Spring 2011

Battle of the bi-coloured tote bags... Céline's Leather Cabas has garnered a following of some of the most stylish women and men. Their bi-coloured/material version are some of the best undertstated luxe designs. When you know something is done right, others may seemingly follow. I spotted a 'close cousin' of this Céline's Spring 2011 Bi-material Cabas in Leather and Raw Linen (Kwannam from We Could Grow Up Together just got one! I am jealous cos' it's so fabulous!). This 'relative' is from Dior Homme.... straight off the runway of their Fall Winter 2011 collection. Grey and black, black handles, bi-material.... similarities abound.

A case of Great Minds Think Alike again?

Source: Dior Homme, Céline


pickthatone said...

i think so, Kevin. Celine has a better design and proportion.

Leather & Lace said...

looovvveee this celine photo...i mean love!