Monday, 23 January 2012

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #190

Below: Another use for Hermès Twilly?
Another Use of Hermès Twilly... How About As A Corsage For Your Jacket?

I have blogged about the versatility of an Hermès Twilly Scarf. This little piece of Hermès silk can not only be worn on the neck, wrapped as protection for your bag handles, as a watch strap or as a decorative bracelet for your wrist, now there's a new way to use the twilly. How about wearing it as a corsage for your blazer? Yes or No? Nonetheless... wear it with confidence and you will pull off anything! The Brides De Gala twilly is fabulous:-)

Below: Hermès Twilly as a bracelet...
Source: Hermès, Grazia IT

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JEPSUKKA said...

I loved the idea of using the twilly as a brooch. Superstylish! Thanks for the tip!