Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Material Boy #555

Below: Hermès 'C'est la fête scarf' print featuring a darker theme is one of the most eye catching scarves for FW2012 season... I love the skeleton rider which is a darker take on the brand's equestrian heritage...

Below: Comes in 5 different colours, but my heart is set for the blue and prune colour or this anthracite version...
Hermès Fall Winter 2012 Mens 70cm 'C'est la fête' Scarf

Hermès scarf prints have always been cheery and colourful. But this Fall Winter 2012 season, I was surprised and fascinated by the introduction of a design that features a darker, more macabre theme.

The C'est la fête print has since become a hot topic of discussion this season, sending many Hermès fans to either covet or dislike this design. Some love it for the bold and dark rendition of Hermès equestrian heritage, while others compare it to Alexander McQueen's signature skull motifs... but for me and many others, we just love a twist for the brand, making this print highly collectible. The design was also featured prominently on Hermès FW2012 menswear runway on an eye catching cardigan!

The C'est la fête scarf comes in 5 different colours (ranging from dark blue to anthracite to prune and brown tones) and 2 dip dye variants. But my heart is set on either the anthracite et gris fonce colour or the bleu nuit et gris et prune version. Must have!

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Source: Poupishop, Hermès

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